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"Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn't let you sleep" 

 -Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


Good and quality education is what we all desire. Over the years the Tezpur has seen a dramatic change in the results of the board students, and their performance in the competitive entrance examinations.


In a place like Tezpur, where the student to institution ratio is quite high, there has been exponential growth in the performance of the student with each passing year. As such the need for an institution to focus on board classes is paramount at this hour. We present to you Inspire Group of Academic Institutions with Inspire Academy Senior Secondary School, a Junior College for Arts and Science Streams; and Inspire Academics Coaching Institute, a centre for competitive examination study.

Inspire Group of Academic Institutions, established in 2018, has successfully carved its niche in terms of Higher Secondary Level Education in Tezpur. The Inspire Academy Senior Secondary School was established in 2019 and this year we have completed one whole year since our inception. Committed to raising standard of higher secondary education, the Academy intends to equip learners with sound theoretical knowledge, adequate practical exposure and develop in them the capacity to think.

The Academy is run by the Inspire Foundation Educational Society (Regn No. : RS/SPR/242/I/23 of 2018-2019). The Founders aspired to create scientific temperament, enhance critical thinking among students and prepare them for a fruitful career in the long run. Immensely concerned about the welfare as well as the intellectual and ethical development of the students, the institution provides value education and coaching classes for students. 

At present the college offers 10+2 level course in Arts and Science Streams in eighteen (18) subjects. It provides coaching classes and remedial classes for competitive examinations too. To ensure the Academy maintains high standards of education in a students friendly manner, the authority takes feedback at regular intervals from the students and utilizes the data constructively. The learning is made student-centered by participatory learning activities through laboratory work; computer aided learning; projects and field works, training programs and study tours. 


The Academy has a serene campus with good infrastructural facilities for academic and administrative work. It has adequate number of classrooms, well -equipped laboratories, library, administrative block, garden, badminton court, indoor sports facilities, canteen and parking facilities. 


The Academy strongly believes that its primary stake holders are the students. It also understands the geographic, socio-demographic, economic and educational background of the people of the this region. The Academy intends to provide quality education to all keeping in view the intelligence and economic status of the students. Last year has been fruitful in terms of academic and co-curricular activities.

A sound academic environment is the institution’s goal which aptly complements its motto: 


विद्या हि परमा ज्योतिः । 

ज्ञानश्च परमा शक्तिः ।।

“Education is Light, Knowledge is Strength”



Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission: Inspire Group’s mission is to provide quality education to the young students in of the region in particular and the state in general. It aims to be a trusted name in the years to come, on the grounds of student performance and service to the society. Its mission is also to guide the students of the region in their proper stream of education and to channelize their talents. Its mission is to ensure satisfaction of parents and students throughout.

Our Vision: Inspire Group's vision is to contribute to the transforming educational scenario in Assam. Its vision is to induce positive transformation in the young minds of the region and thus serve the country. It envisions the creation of a better and highly educated India.

Why should you join Inspire?


  • We assure quality education. The reason we have started Inspire in the first place is to cater to the quality deprived educational scenario of Tezpur. We are a group of highly motivated competent faculty members who are passionate about teaching. We have experience teaching at insti- tutes of repute. Most of our team members have cracked and qualified for various National level competitive examinations and we believe we can use that experience to educate your child.

  • We provide a healthy learning atmosphere for your child. With all kinds of necessary amenities required for an efficient tutorial center your child is going to benefit from it under our guidance.

  • We care about our stakeholders: Parents of the students we teach. Parents will be up to date about the performance of their children through our online portal and bulk messaging service. Other than that we highly en- courage Parent-Teacher meetings and timely feedbacks from the parents will be appreciated.

  • We are here to Inspire your child. We are educators by choice, not by chance.

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